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KidZone Museum Board of Directors

Board Officers

Stephanie Bright, President, is mom to a set of very active twin six year old girls. She has worked in the IT field for over 15 years and is currently an independent software developer. Stephanie and her husband, Joshua Ditchoff, have lived in Truckee since 2002, and love the vibrant, family-friendly community. Stephanie thinks that the Museum is a huge asset to the Truckee area and wants to help ensure that it continues to grow and thrive.

Suzanne Montgomery, Secretary, has called Truckee home since 2013. Born and raised on the San Francisco peninsula, she ventured to Southern California to pursue a degree in Drama from UC Irvine, then returned to the Bay Area and worked as an actress, performing mainly for young audiences locally and around the world. She and her husband raised two children, and Suzanne became an active PTA member and volunteer music docent. She has held several officer positions on non-profit boards, and looks forward to helping the KidZone reach it’s full potential in the Truckee/Tahoe community. Suzanne is also an active volunteer of the museum exhibits committee.

Carrie Ridgel, Treasurer, has enjoyed mountain-town life in Truckee since 2004. With an MBA and a background in human resources, specializing in corporate communications, training, and organizational development, she wants to ensure the community and especially the kids continue to reap the many benefits offered by the small and mighty KidZone museum. She and her husband run a local small business, The Office BOSS, while staying actively involved in many aspects of the community through service projects with the Rotary and through the many activities of their elementary-aged son.

Board Directors

Jack Armstrong spent 40 years in Silicon Valley as a researcher, programmer, analyst, network architect, and part-time professor. Jack and his wife Judith have four children, eight grand children and one great grand child - no strangers to child development! Jack and his wife Judith moved to Truckee in 2007 to ski, are both are pilots and active in the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Jack helps with the Truckee Tahoe Airshow with the proceeds benefits both the Museum and EAA. Jack hopes to assist the Museum in creating an environment with programs that will encourage children to make unfettered use of their native curiosity - to play, experiment, practice and develop skills of creativity that will follow and benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Kaila Cruttenden was born and raised in Truckee. After getting her degree in Chinese Medicine, she and her husband were ready to have a children of their own. They couldn’t think of a better place to raise a family and moved back to the area. She now has a 3 year old son who loves everything KidZone has to offer. Kaila is passionate about giving back to this amazing community and excited to be involved with an organization that plays an integral part in her child’s development.

Sheila Greeno is coming up on her 30th year of residency in the Truckee area. While raising a family here, the KidZone Museum has made an immense impact on Sheila and her two daughters, who are now teenagers and remember the KidZone as a large role in their childhood. Sheila loves that the KidZone gives children the opportunity to engage in imaginative and creative play. She believes that it is important for our community to have this resource for children, as well as for parents to gather, play, and learn about child development. She is exited to be involved in the future planning of the museum and to give back the experience it offered to her family.

Kyle Mohagen moved to Truckee with his wife and three dogs in June of 2014. They moved from Tacoma Washington where Kyle had spent 7 years as an elementary school teacher and assistant principal. Kyle is currently the principal at Kings Beach Elementary school and loves the Tahoe area. He hopes to help the museum thrive and grow to provide exciting opportunities for all children in the area.

Keri Paulson grew up in Southern California and has a degree in Communications from California State University, Chico. She has lived in Truckee since 2000. She has worked in Property Management and Real Estate and is currently an agent with Coldwell Banker Residential in Truckee. Keri and her husband Greg have two kids - Mia and Nick who are involved in many school activities and sports locally. Greg is a local contractor. Keri has been involved with the Kidzone since she started bringing her kids there when they were just babies. She is also a member of her HOA and is active helping with different community events

Shana Wapstra Scott moved to Truckee with her husband Eric in 2000. They are raising three kids, ages 11-16. Shana is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). She also has extensive experience in youth ministries. Shana has a professional investment in the mental health of the community. The KidZone Museum played a vital role in the growth of her own children and [many] others in Truckee. As a board member Shana is excited to be in the position to help the Museum thrive in the Truckee-Tahoe area.